Thank you for taking part in ‘Get in the Picture’ 2014! We hope you had fun. We're now closed for the year, but we hope to see you in ‘Get in the Picture’ 2015!

The Christmas story

The Christmas story is one of the greatest stories ever told. It is a story of the scandal of a teenage birth, political intrigue at the palace, the shame and worry of being homeless, a desperate flight to freedom.

There are kings and shepherds, stars and animal dung, angels and donkeys. It is the story of hope, peace and new beginnings - even when things seemed to be at their darkest. Read on

About ‘Get in the Picture’

‘Get in the Picture’ is a project that started in 2008. It enables all kinds of people to be involved in the Christmas story by encouraging them to participate and experience being part of the nativity in a fun way.

Photos are taken and uploaded to the website for participants to print out or share with friends - all for free! Read on

What do others say?

“Wonderful!! Carols were being sung while whole families had their photos taken. At times we had a queue of people waiting to see Jesus (makes a nice change from Santa!)”

“It was great fun and a bit chaotic at times! Folk were delighted and amazed that it was free to participate”

“We had lots of families who joined in and dressed up in the various costumes. Some said they will use the photo as their family Christmas card.”